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Status Update #8

Status update: All these weeks I have been working continuously on all the delayed work and just focused on those tasks, assigning a daily number of hours to each statue to keep the best quality.

2020 has been very complex for me in many ways and in 2021 the probles persist, I only hope to finish everything as soon as possible. Some new customers are asking about new purchases, but I have no accepted new orders of statues and the new projects like the new Yith statue are paused for now, because I can’t add more work to my list, the amount of work that I have at the moment is too much and I have a lot of pressure on me, remember that I do all the production process by myself, so I apologize but I can’t accept more orders for now. For that reason, the revenues have been drastically affected in the last months, and I’m trying to stay afloat providing 3d printing service locally and accepting small commissions that don’t take too long.

I hope this situation changes next year to continue with all the projects and ideas, because I have worked very hard to create my studio and I don’t want lose it.

Thank you for all customers that are worried for me and have send me support messages, I appreciate it a lot.

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