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Every dream is converted in to a nightmare, you try to scape from them but in each effort at the end they always appear laughing at you, you don’t scape from this macabre smile, because the yellow demons never stop to smile, mock while you dream and they may be creeping silently upon you…

A race of yellow demons described in the short story Polaris by H.P .Lovecraft. Are the mortal enemies of the Gnophekehs, the big creatures that looks like a mix between a polar bear and giant spider. The Inutos appears in the dream of the narrator and their purpose is destroy the oniric city of Olathoe, convert the dream into a nightmare.

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About the design:

Inuto are described like squat, hellish, yellow fiends that are mighty in the arts of war.
This desing was created taking as reference the complete description in the book, with every detail, so the statue represet faithfully the scary concept and the feeling that the protagonist have had in the short story.

One of the most important characteristics is that the inuto mocks constantly at narrator of the story, therefore the design is focused on the smile, a big smile instead face, that achieve a more nightmarish and misterious look for a creature for other dimension.
In this statue the narrative is very important so the Iunto has an stalking pose and is sit on a Gnophekeh skull to represent the power and the relation with its mortal enemy.

Inuto The Yellow Demon
Originally designed, sculpted and painted by Camilo Aldana
Materials: High-end Polyurethane resin.

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30cm edition (high-end prepainted statue):
edition size: 50.
Pre-order Price: 230USD

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 30 cm


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