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Production Update

After paint 216 pieces between body parts and bases, the statues are completely assembled and finished, this is the final product.
Note: One more layer of varnish will be applied and then I’ll take some pics in the photo-studio.

The boxes for 32cm edition are in process you can see in the pics some of them finished, I’ll sand all boxes when are finished. (40% finished so far)

The boxes for 55cm edition will be made when the previous are finished.

The molds for cut the foam are in progress.

Other Updates:

-Inuto is still in printing phase, I’ll notify when it is finished .

-The Deep one: The sculpt is finished and now is in the cut process.

-Shub niggurath: is 80% finished. (the base is 20% done).

-Cthulhu: The sculpt is finished but need some modifications for the pose (the base is 60% done).

-Azathoth and yog-sothoth: The basic sculpt for both is started.

-Cthulhu idol: The cut process is finished and need optimization for printing.

Thank you so much for your patience.

2 thoughts on “Production Update

  1. This is AMAZING, really sets the scale of the sizes. I plan on buying the 55cm as a present to myself once I complete my degree in the spring!! Keep posting updates!

    1. Thank you!

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