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New update

Update of The paint process process.
the pieces are 90% done and is close to finished, after this process I’ll apply a wet-skin paint effect with a Uv protection varnish and the statue will be completely and ready to delivery process.

The paint process will be finish at the end of this month(September).

-The head, torso, are be glued in one and solid piece, the legs will be glued when the paint is finished. The tentacles and arms will be a separated pieces.

-The illustration that accompanies the statue is finished and printed also the authenticity certified are done and printed (numbered and signed).

-The boxes for Nyarlathotep are in production and will be in wood with better strength, it helps to give more security for the shipping.

-The description and number edition of the statue are printed and ready to applied in the bottom of the base.

-The non skid pads are ready to be applied in the bottom of the base.

-Note: The website is under maintenance for some updates in the server system related to SSL certified renew and will be online soon.

Other updates:

-Inuto prototype was modified in some areas of the back and the legs position to give more stability, this change don’t affect the design but change the position of some keys and the pieces are in printing phase.

-The Deep one: sculpt is 80% finished.

-Shub niggurath: is 60% finished. (base is not sculpted yet, it need a redesign to be more accord to the character lore and design).

-Cthulhu: is 80% finished (the base is in re-sculpt process and 20% done).

-Azathoth and yog-sothoth: The concept art is finished. After a lot of designs two versions are selected to be sculpted.

-Cthulhu idol: is in cut process. After Inuto is printed, the Cthulhu idol will be in the printing phase too.

Thank you so much for your patience.

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