Dracula, the mummy, the werewolf, the monster of Frankenstein, the swamp thing, the invisible man, zombies who enjoy eating brains, Kong, Kaijus and many more creatures, is a bit of what will come to Nigma studios in the line Monster Madness, with different designs and unique styles that will give a variety of figures to the entire collection.

Monsters and creatures have been an inspiration for artists, writers and filmmakers, they gave way to the creation of the first film universe of terror and suspense where we could see different monsters fighting each other unforgettable in popular culture.

If you wanted a statue of this universe of monsters and creatures, this is your chance, each figure of this line will be 1/8 scale (base included) of approximately (22cm) with high quality polyurethane resin. This size is perfect for most collectors since the figures cover little space and can be placed on most shelves or collection cabinets.
We will offer all of you the option of acquiring our products as a Resin Kit for you to build and paint your own figures (we know that many enjoy it), and we will also provide the pre-painted figures ready to put on your stand to appreciate them in your collection.

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