About Nigma Studios

We are Nigma studios, a Colombian team specialized in the creation of all kinds of collectibles. Our work is mainly characterized by its quality and passion, we are artists but also fans like you, enjoy our products, because they are designed especially for you!

We work figures with own creative design and also figures custom of familiar characters from many themes and universes, we also do different types of scale taking into account the interests of fans and Geeks most enthusiastic.

Collectibles for everyone is our main goal, because we considered make our products for all kind of collectors based on their needs, so we know that space in their collection cabinets and hobbies are important. in our products you will find from 28mm miniatures to 60cm statues, we use the best techniques and materials to achieve high quality and detailed results.


Camilo Aldana – Founder / Sculptor

Colombian sculptor, painter and illustrator, currently dedicated to creating figures and statues of collection.

He joined to the world of sculpture at the age of 5 years when his father taught him to model dinosaurs in clay, was his start in the hobby that would later become his profession. Throughout his childhood he created his own toys, so he decided to make them with clay, he developed small board games and scenarios to start the matches that he created from his imagination. Growing up and studying high school, his interest in 3D modeling grew and after several years of study and practice she managed to work in the area of ​​Graphic Design. A few years later he worked for different national and international companies in the development of advertising pieces, infoarchitecture, web design, props and models for videogames.

His work in the field of video games eventually opened many doors and then return to the theme of sculpture and work in the industry of collectible figures for different studios and international companies.


¿Why Nigma studios?

It’s simple, for me to sculpt, draw and paint is more than a job, it’s my hobby and my life, I practice it and my passion for my work opened many doors, I knew many places and artists and it was even a dream come true working for big companies, but over time the collectible figures industry has become a somewhat frustrating job since I could not use my full potential. Most of the companies I have worked with have many limitations and do not accept many different ideas, proposals or perspectives, regardless of the level of education, creativity or experience that is possessed; In other words, a company can destroy work for months in seconds and the artist’s original ideas never come to light, no matter how good they have been, they are lost in oblivion.

With time and experience throughout my career it was time to decide to take another path, “create my own Studio of collectible figures”. I have founded “Nigma Studios” not as a convensional company but as a place and an opportunity where I can take my ideas, give them life and bring them to reality with the support of all of you. There is no more beautiful feeling to see your fans happy to have on a shelf a figure that you have done with a lot of passion and love, many people love their favorite characters and being able to give them life is an incredible experience.