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These days are being very hard by the current global crisis, and this affect me and my independent studio.
In this moment I can continue work because I have my workshop in my own home but the situation is very difficult. I can’t buy supplies for my work for now, because the country is in emergency state, people are in isolation, the majority of materials are not in production and the cost are to high right now.
At the moment, the main materials for production and shipping cost have become more expensive with the rise of the dollar in a 40% of the local currency here, so I need to take action now and I’ll only continue to work with the materials that I have in reserve. For that reason I need to stop some projects and some orders for now and only I’ll focused in the current ones (1Inuto 45cm, 1 Inuto 32cm, 2 Nyarlathotep 55cm and 4 Cutehulhu) because are projects that are the first in the order list and I have started them some months ago. That’s is a priority for me an for my customers.

Also I need to change my business model and reduce to a large degree the edition size of all the statues and make the new statues and new orders under the “Make to order” model business.

For people that are worried about the complete statue line, that no will be cancelled, it continues and I’m assigning some hours per day to finish the sculpt for the new statues, I’m finishing it bit by bit, so don’t worry about it.

That’s my report and thank you for your understanding, I hope that current situation ends as soon possible.

Thank you so much

Camilo Aldana
Nigma studios

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