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The first character on a statues line called ETHEREUM, based on the cosmic horror and Sci-fi novels by the writer H.P Lovecraft.
Nyarlathotep is one of the most reconognized old gods like Cthulhu, Aazathoth and Yog sothoth. the first appear was on the short story with the same name, and tells how Nyarlathotep travel from egypt to around the world finding the cultist for his forces, causing madness and suffering. also can be finded on the Cthulhu Mythos and The Dream-quest of unknown Kadath.
Nyarlathotep is the Azathot’s servant and he fulfills everything that he asks, is the old god more close to human civilization and can use the different languages to communicate with them. to complete the destruction purpose, Nyarlathotep can change his form and tranform on everyhing that want, therefore he can be knowns as the god of a thousand faces.

About the design:

The colors and design for Nyarlathotep were meticulously chosen to perfectly complement their origin and background story. The base is ambiented on the Pharaon’s age of the old egypth(dark pharaon as desbribed on the book), the small door of the mortuary temple has a little details with a scarab that simbolism the resurrection on Egyptian mithology.

muscles, bone and organs is the basic composition and deconstruction of the human body, and this concept was chosee to create entirely the visual desing of Nyarlathotep and the relation with the cultists and primitive human civilization.

Nyarlathotep The Crawling Chaos
Originally designed, sculpted and painted by Camilo Aldana
Materials: Polyurethane high-end resin.

Editions and price:

55cm edition (high-end prepainted statue):
edition size: 50.
Pre-order Price: 620USD
Retail Price: 680USD
(NRD: 120USD)
(shipping cost not included)

30cm edition (high-end prepainted statue):
edition size: 50.
Pre-order Price: 230USD
Retail Price: 250USD
(NRD: 60USD)
(shipping cost not included)

estimated delivery date (first trimester of 2019)

Pre-order can be cancelled before 24 hours.
payment method: Paypal (throught Nigma studios web site)
Shipping cost will be generated from delivery place, all shippings will be trought UPS and provided with the correspond tracking number.

Thank you so much

-Nigma studios


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